Back in 2007, I found myself at a rock bottom.

The boy I thought I was going to marry blindsided me with a breakup. I was in my second year of nursing school and hating every moment of it. Life felt like a runaway train car with a broken handbrake. Panic attacks became my new norm while I navigated a deep depression. I found myself on medical leave from work and wondering if things would ever get better. 

Spoiler alert: Things got better.

Inspired by therapy, The Secret, music, a well-timed comment from a co-worker, and what I believe was the voice of God speaking one word – “Nashville” – clear and crisp, I made a bold decision: leave my safe hometown and chase my dream of being a music journalist.

“I want every client I work with to find the courage to create and live the Bold Life of their dreams.


Proud Tennessee Vol and lover of all things Tennessee. Has a Tennessee Tristar tattoo. Thrives during football season.

Enneagram 3. Dog Mama to Knox and Griff. Pure Barre Instructor. Avid reader. Loses hours writing stories you’ll read one day. Loves a good Rom Com.

Coffee, wine, and whiskey drinker. Gluten-free. Also shouldn’t eat dairy but sometimes does. Loves to bake. Could survive on Peanut butter.

It would be the first of several times in which I chose to live a bold life. To say a big NO to contentment and pursue whatever dream had been put on my heart in an effort to live my most authentic life.

I did the music journalist thing for several years. I moved back to my hometown to work in marketing where I fell in love with fitness and became a barre instructor and personal trainer. I moved on to Chapel Hill to open my own barre studio, then to Los Angeles to pursue a writing career. I’ve trusted my gut and said some scary ‘yeses’ and some hard ‘nos.’


I choose to live authentic. To chase happy. To prioritize myself so I can give my best to my family, my friends, and those I serve.

And now I coach other women to do the same: to create and live their Bold Life through movement, mindfulness, and self-reflection.

The first step to living a bold life is to decide to live a bold life. 

When you’re ready to take the next step, I’ll be here, ready to help you live The Bold Life.

Boldness is contagious.

Philippians 1:14