Esther 4:14

Word of the Year: Courage

First, please excuse the mess. I’m making a few changes around here and we’re not quite there yet with the renovations. So much for the whole “new year, new look, new dedication to blogging” thing.

On to the first post of the year…

Around this time last year, I saw a lot of “word of the year” posts. I thought “what a good idea.” I had, of course, already wrote all about my 2015 goals and resolutions, but I liked the idea of choosing a word, a theme, if you will, for the year ahead.

If I had chosen a word last year, it would have been “Present.” One of my resolutions was to be more present, something I will continue to strive for. I’ve learned that the gift of sitting down and listening to someone, giving them 100% of your attention, is priceless. There isn’t enough “face time” in today’s world – and I don’t mean FaceTime.

This year, I’ve chosen a word that will encourage and inspire me. A word that will push me out of my comfort zone. A word that, from time to time, I will need to take a deep breath and draw from. That word?


The definition of courage: the ability to do something that frightens one.

Courageous acts aren’t always grand, daring, or life-or-death. Sometimes, courageous acts are small. Sometimes, they are as simple as saying hello.

In 2016, I will find the courage to travel to a foreign country. I’ll try new things – new foods, new experiences, new books, even. I may even branch out and order something different than my favorite burger at Citizen’s. I’ll find the courage to say hello to the attractive guy. I’ll query agents and try to get my manuscript published. I’ll take that class at the gym I like to think I’m “not in shape” enough for.

The word “courage” came to me easily. I was loading the washing machine a few weeks ago when it popped into my mind out of the blue. I knew instantly that it was the word for my 2016: Courage.

In the last week or so, the verse Esther 4:14 has followed me around. It was on Pinterest, first, several times over. It was on a pamphlet I picked up in St. Patrick’s Cathedral last week. My roommate re-finished her dresser this weekend, and stenciled it on her drawers. And then, last night, I opened my planner to January 4 and it was the quote of the day:

Esther 4:14It takes courage to step up to the moment for which you have been created. That’s why “courage” is my word of the year for 2016. It’s a year of having the courage to step up. To say yes. To say hello. To take risks.

What’s your word of the year?

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  1. I love the idea of having a word of the year, and I LOVE that yours is courage!! Such a great word. I am not sure what mine will be, but i think this idea is so fantastic. (Oh and you are totally getting the book deal this year – i feel it!!)


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