What's On My Playlist

What’s On My Playlist

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I’m always sharing what’s on my playlist and what I’m listening to right now. I thought I would put together a list of some of the more recent songs I’ve had in rotation. Some of these songs are on the radio, others aren’t, and a few are accidental finds, but they’re all top tier!  

Here’s what’s on my playlist. 

“Crazy Angels” – Carrie Underwood: I didn’t love the new Carrie Underwood single “Ghost Story,” but when she dropped “Crazy Angels” from her upcoming Denim & Rhinestones album, I was all in after the first verse reflected who I see when I look in the mirror: 

I’m a walking contradiction, baby, don’t you try to figure me out
Got Holy Ghost conviction, confliction when the sun goes down
You know where to find me on a Sunday morning
But tonight, I come with a whiskey warning

“Fall In Love,” “Never Comin’ Home,” “Change” – Bailey Zimmerman: Is that three songs by Bailey Zimmerman? Yes, yes it is. I stumbled across Bailey’s “Fall In Love” single on one of the up and coming Spotify-curated playlists and thought he had a unique voice so I pulled up his profile and the next thing I knew, I had all of his handful of songs on my playlist. He’s a young guy (22 I believe) that sounds like a country Hozier, especially on “Change.” I can’t get enough.

“She Had Me At Heads Carolina” – Cole Swindell: Remember that Jo Dee Messina song “Heads Carolina, Tails California?” I sure do – that was my jam when I was ten and had no idea what the song lyrics actually meant. Cole Swindell has “She Had Me At Heads Carolina” on his new album, Stereotype (review coming soon!) and I blast it almost every time I’m in the car. It’s about falling in love with a girl singing karaoke to “Heads Carolina, Tails California” and I dare you not to sing along when you hear it. It’s that “she’s a ‘90s country fan, like I am” lyric for me. 

“If I Were Rock N’ Roll” – Chase Rice: I’ll admit I side-eyed a couple of lyrics in this song the first time I heard it, but Chase had me when he called the SEC the “best damn football in the south” in the first verse. It’s a catchy tune that I sing along to anytime it comes across my speakers. And you know it’s the truth: the SEC is the best damn football in the south.

“Circles Around This Town,” “Nervous” – Maren Morris: I love pretty every song on Maren Morris’ Humble Quest album (review here), but “Circles Around This Town” feels like Maren is singing about my life and “Nervous” is a sexy tune that makes me feel a little sassy when I hear it. I may have listened to it on repeat during a recent stuck in traffic on the 405 scenario on my way to teach Pure Barre in San Pedro. 

“Savannah,” “Beach Cowboy” – Brian Kelley: You might know Brian Kelley as half of Florida Georgia Line. He released his solo album, Sunshine State of Mind, in April 2021. I decided to listen to it a few months ago and didn’t expect to love it as Florida Georgia Line’s music is hit or miss for me. Y’all, we have been sleeping on Brian Kelley. The whole album is good, but “Savannah” is a special tune. There is something nostalgic about it. “Beach Cowboy” is just fun and feels like it should be on the soundtrack of a western – set at a beach. I happen to be writing a pilot called “Savannah” right now and I have a big dream of hearing Brian’s “Savannah” playing in the background of it someday. 

“Crazy One More Time” – Kip Moore: I wrote about my love of Kip Moore’s rerecording of “Crazy One More Time” in one of my Friday Picks, but I have to talk about it again. It’s a “deep cut” of sorts – it’s from Kip’s debut album – but it has long been a fan favorite. He’s been teasing a new album for a while and I’m ready for it, but I will take this revisited version for now. 

“Dirt Road Down” – Travis Denning: This song got me with the line in the chorus that says “I fell for the girl who loved the world more than she loved this town” and I’ll admit it – I’d like to think I’m that girl for a couple of my exes from my hometown. “Dirt Road Down” does take me back to late nights riding around dirt roads with my boyfriend, existing in our own little world and making plans that were destined to fall by the wayside. 

“Tennessee,” “I Hate Alabama” – Conner Smith: If you know me at all, you know I’m all in on Tennessee. I even have the Tennessee Tristar tattooed on my body. And because I love Tennessee, I hate Alabama. That’s just the way it is. “Tennessee” is a song about falling in love and getting back to your roots after life in the city while “I Hate Alabama” is, well, a song about why Conner hates Alabama. While I can’t relate to the whole broken up with in a frat house yard in Tuscaloosa part, I agree: I hate crimson red, roll tide, and “Sweet Home Alabama.” Bonus? “Tennessee” name drops Dolly and samples “Rocky Top.” What’s not to love? 

“From Austin” – Zach Bryan: This is another track I stumbled across on some random Spotify playlist. I very nearly hit skip – I tend to do that when I’m not caught by a song a few bars in – but I got distracted by something and the chorus hit. Sold. I’m such a fan of this song and so glad I listened all the way through. It’s a little gritty which I love and the songwriting is beautiful.

“23” – Chayce Beckham: “23” – not to be confused by the Sam Hunt song – is a jam. It’s another accidental discovery and I can’t get enough of it. I don’t know that I’ve ever hit the skip button when it comes on. It has this bluesy country vibe and Chayce’s deep, gravely voice is a welcomed addition – reminds me a bit of Christ Stapleton. 

There you have it – a handful of the songs I’m listening to right now. I’ve put them (and a lot more) on my Spotify Now Listening To… Playlist. Give it a listen and/or a follow! I’m always updating it, so you never know what you might come across! 

What's on my playlist

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