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What Is Inspired Action?

Inspired Action | Sarah Wyland

I had a different post planned for today, but that post was a video and after a strong half hour of effort to make my small, bendy tripod work in the studio, I accepted defeat and ordered a “real” one from Amazon. It will be here later this week, I’ll film, figure out how to edit, and move Mondays’ vlog posts back a week on the content calendar. No harm, no foul.

So, yeah, I’m going to try the whole vlogging thing.

Which is a great segway into today’s post.

I’ve used the phrase “inspired action” a few times both here and on Instagram over this first week of 2019. I received a couple of questions asking what I meant by that, and given my video hiccup and need for a topic for today, I decided to dive into what inspired action is, or at least my definition of it.

First, what are your goals?

Before you can take any sort of action, you need an endpoint. What are you trying to achieve? I shared some of my goals, and I have still more written in my journal. I also have my goals represented on my vision board. You may not be as “woo woo” as I am about vision boards and such, but before any action, inspired or otherwise, takes place, you need a goal. Otherwise, actions are merely tasks that may or may not lead you down the right path.

Action vs. Inspired Action

Action is – go with me here – the status quo. It’s what you’re “supposed to” do. These aren’t bad by any means. You have a goal. You sit down and write out a list of actions to reach that goal. You tackle them one by one and one day, BAM! your goal is accomplished.

For example, say your goal is to work for a specific company. You write that down as your end point. You then sit and think through what steps you would have to take to get that job. Your actions might include:

  • Update resume and cover letter
  • Clean up social media
  • Use network to see if there are any connections
  • Research company
  • Apply for an open position
  • Research the people you will be meeting in your interviews
  • Negotiate starting salary
  • Accept position

Your goal of working for the company of your dreams is complete.

But did you notice that’s sort of a standard practice for achieve any job, regardless of whether its at the company of your dreams?

Inspired action, on the other hand, is an action you feel a “nudge” to do. They don’t always make sense. Sometimes they are downright insane. But they tend to not go away until you follow them, so you take a deep breath and do whatever you’re being guided to do.

That job you want at that certain company? Maybe you get a nudge to reach out to an old friend. You finally send them a message and you decide to meet for coffee. You find out she works for said company, or maybe her boyfriend or roommate does, and suddenly, you’ve got the inside track to a dream job offer.

It happens more than you think. I’ll bet you’ve taken an inspired action before and not really noticed it. Inspired actions can be uncomfortable. In fact, most of them are. They make you step/stumble/fall out of your comfort zone whether you want to or not.

How do I know an action is inspired?

You know an action is inspired when it just will NOT go away. You’ve probably noticed I’ve been a lot more active lately, posting every weekday, creating workouts, talking more about my services on social media… And now I’m going to vlog. These are all inspired actions. I kept getting nudges and prompts to just up and “DO IT” already, and finally, I got tired of the persistent nagging and just started doing.

Do I have a clear goal for this space? Yes, 100%. Do I know how all of these inspired actions are helping me get there? Not even a little bit. I’m just trusting that they’re part of the process. I’m not even sure I remember how to edit videos past the basic trimming of clips, but I’ll figure it out because I’m taken the inspired action to start vlogging.

Is there something nagging at you that requires you to take action? Maybe your gut is telling you to send an email or enroll in a class. Maybe you have an urge to create a vlog or a Facebook group or a newsletter. Go with it. Follow it. See what it leads to.

Have you taken an inspired action lately? Tell me about it!

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