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What I’m Loving – October 2021

October is more than halfway over, but we’re still getting around to this month’s edition of ‘What I’m Loving,’ a monthly post where I share all the things from the last few weeks that I’m loving. You can see past months of What I’m Loving’ right here

Fair warning, there are a lot of TV shows ahead if you’re looking for something new to binge! 

Home Economics. I stumbled across Home Economics on Hulu by accident and next thing I knew, I’d watched the whole first season. It’s a hilarious sitcom about three siblings – Conner, Sarah, and Tom – who are in vastly different financial situations. I’ve laughed, I’ve cried, I’ve waited anxiously for the next episode – season two is airing now!  

Only Murders in the Building. I recommended Only Murders in the Building on Hulu last month as well, but it’s just so good I had to recommend it again. There is only one more episode to go in season one, but I don’t want it to end. Episode seven in particular is brilliant. It’s told from the perspective of a deaf resident of the building and it is just phenomenal. I won’t spoil it – you must watch it. 

Ted Lasso. I’ve been on the Ted Lasso train since season one and let me tell you, season two put me through it. I won’t give away any spoilers in case you haven’t watched one of the best shows on television yet, but I haven’t felt betrayal like that since Jack died by Crockpot. I will go on the record as saying I didn’t think season two was as good as season one, but the last two episodes almost changed my mind. Incredible TV. You must watch.

Maintenance Phase. A friend of mine sent me the Maintenance Phase podcast, specifically the two-part episodes in which they deep dive on Rachel Hollis. I never got on the Rachel train – I’ve thought she was full of it from the get go – and they had me howling as they rehashed all the ways she has lied and schemed and plagiarized her way to the top. The running joke about Rachel claiming herself a Southerner (she’s from Bakersfield) had me rolling.

Wonder Years. I loved the original Wonder Years as a kid. I would watch reruns on Saturday mornings and the theme song still brings nostalgia up for me. I’m always weary when something I love is reimagined, but this reboot is excellent. Just excellent. It follows a black family in 1968, a pivotal time for race relations in America. The pilot episode tackles the heavy subject of Martin Luther King, Jr.,’s assassination and I don’t know that it could have been done better. Fantastic storytelling. It’s another much watch. 

Tennessee Football. I’m not saying Tennessee is back. We are most certainly not back. But for the first time in a long while, I feel good about Tennessee football. It’s been fun to watch and even when we’re losing – see: Ole Miss game and all that it entailed – it’s still fun to watch. We won’t be winning any titles this year, but I have hope we will make a bowl game this year and maybe we’ll even be a contender for a run for a title next year. GO VOLS! 

Revlon Hot Hair Brush. I’m late to the party, but I bought a Revlon Hot Hair Brush when Ulta had them 50% off last weekend and I am obsessed. I have fine but thick hair and I loathe blow drying it. I’m not so good with the whole round brush and a hair dryer thing and it takes ages to dry my hair. I’ve used this a couple of times since I got it and it was money well spent. My hair is shiny and smooth and it lasts for several days. 

Puppies In Cones. Griff got neutered on the 8th, and he’s been rocking the cone of shame like a tiny pro. He’s so cute in it. I tried to spring him a couple of days early, but within 15 minutes his wound was red from his chewing and so he went back in it. Knox loathes him in the cone and has zero patience with him, but I’m thoroughly enjoying watching the little guy navigate the world as a cone head. Speaking of Griff – check out this hilarious video of him on Instagram

That’s it for What I’m Loving this month. Let me know what you’re loving in the comments!

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