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What I’m Loving – August 2021

There are a few bloggers I follow who share a ‘What I’m Loving’ post every month and I thought I would join that train as I share those things on Instagram anyway. 

Here’s What I’m Loving in August. 

Popcast. My friend Liz doesn’t listen to podcasts, but she stumbled across the Popcast and informed me I simply had to listen. She sent me an episode, “The Nos of Dating,” and I gave it a shot. 

I laughed until I cried. 

It is the funniest podcast I’ve listened to in a really long time and I’m now hooked. I posted an Instagram story about it, they reposted it, and the next thing I knew, I had more DMs than I’ve ever received on a single topic. I’m late to the Popcast party – there are more than 400 episodes – but I am OBSESSED. I just can’t listen in public – I laugh way too hard. 

2 Lads.  Another podcast I’m really enjoying is 2 Lads. It’s hosted by actor Daniel Sharman and music producer Christian “Leggy” Langdon and they go deep. They get candid about topics men don’t talk openly about – mental health, relationships, belonging, and more. Their episode on love was especially raw. It’s so great to see two men talking about deep, hard things openly and safely. They release a new episode every Tuesday.  

People We Meet On Vacation. I read People We Meet on Vacation by Emily Henry a few weeks ago and loved it. Poppy and Alex are college best friends who go on a trip together every summer. Something happens during one of those trips that causes them not to speak for a long time. Poppy concocts a plan to get Alex to go on one more trip with her in an effort to save their friendship. It’s not just about their relationship though. There’s a subplot of them finding their own life paths that I really enjoyed. 

Get Out of Your Head. I just finished Get Out of Your Head by Jennie Allen as part of a Bible study. It’s about how thoughts spiral and anxiety occurs and gives a lot of helpful advice on how to stop the spiral and reprogram the stories we tell ourselves. I loved that it was heavy on both religion and neuroscience. She did her research and it showed. It was my first Bible study in a while and it was a great one. 

Ted Lasso. I’ve been loud and proud on the Ted Lasso bandwagon for a while – even suggested it for a final project in one of my classes in the spring semester and we had a blast with it – and I am loving season two. The writing is just so clever and the characters so perfectly flawed. It’s a show I would have never watched based on the description alone, but I took the advice of a classmate and it’s easily one of my all-time favorite shows now. What a gift, Ted Lasso. If you’re to ask what I’m loving the most right now, it would, in fact, probably be Ted Lasso.

Peacock. I downloaded Peacock a few months ago – NBC’s streaming service – and let me tell you, it is worth every penny of the $4.99 a month. It has so many great movies, all the bad reality TV shows you could ever want, lots of great older sitcoms, all of NBC’s programming, and Peacock originals. I’ve found the originals to be hit or miss, but I did enjoy the Saved By The Bell reboot and Rutherford Falls grew on me with each episode. I also recommend the Golden documentary that follows several gymnasts (including Suni Lee and Mykayla Skinner) in their quest to make it to the Olympics. 

Good American Jeans. I bought a couple more pairs of Good American Jeans during the Nordstrom sale and I’m still obsessed. They are the first jeans that fit my body exactly and I can’t get over it. I would happily buy them at full price, but who am I to complain about saving $50 on them?

Puppies. If you follow me on Instagram, you know I adopted another puppy! His name is Griff and he was 10 weeks old upon arrival in my household. He’s twelve weeks now and Knox, my OG, has progressed from hate to mostly indifference – unless Griff gets into his food bowl and then we have a setback. I’m hoping they will eventually be best friends. Knox is nine now and while in good health, he is starting to show signs of being a senior dog, so Griff is keeping him on his toes – and trying VERY HARD to eat Knox’s “special food.” Knox was just diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis and is now on a prescription diet. Honestly, other than them not quite getting along yet, the hardest part of two dogs is having two different foods. 

Also? Puppies are HARD. Either I blacked out Knox as a puppy and don’t remember him being as obnoxious as Griff or Knox really was the saint of a puppy I seem to think he was. 

Pure Barre. It had been over a year since I took or taught a barre class of any form. Getting back into Pure Barre as both a student and a teacher has been so good for my soul. Don’t get me wrong – training is HARD and my Test Out Video is coming up to put me officially on the mic – but I just love it. It’s so good and so hard and I’m already starting to see my core strength come back after just a few weeks. Yes, please! 

Creamistry. There is a Creamistry under our Pure Barre studio and after seeing people with the most delicious looking ice cream on my way to and from the studio, I decided I had to try it. I picked up a pint of cookie butter to take home on a Friday and let me just assure you of a fact here: it is the best ice cream I have ever had. EVER. It’s a little steep at $10 a pint, but I don’t even care. It is so very worth it. 

I’ll wrap up this month’s edition of ‘What I’m Loving’ here. Hopefully you’ll check out a book or a podcast or two, maybe go to Creamistry if there is one near you. And I do highly recommend getting a second puppy, sleepless nights and all! 

Tell me what you’re loving right now in the comments! 

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