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The Law of Attraction: What It Is + How To Use It

Do you believe in the Law of Attraction? 

I do. Very much so. 

Monday morning, I decided to play a game. I “requested” two things from the universe. I play this game from time to time, particularly when, like lately, I’ve felt a bit disconnected, a little unaligned. I can’t really describe that feeling. I simply feel “off.” Sometimes it’s because I lack vision. Other times it might be my anxiety ramping up. A whole lot of the time (like a lot of the time), it’s because things aren’t happening on my timeline. 

Patience was not a thing the good Lord blessed me with. He sure does like to use it to teach me lessons though… 

After journaling and some prayer time early Monday morning, I asked the universe to show me the first two things that popped to mind: 

  • A monkey
  • A black Range Rover 

Why those things? 

No idea. 

Whenever I want to play this request game, I usually go with whatever the first item or two that comes to mind. They generally don’t make sense, but if I think about it long enough, I can usually find some odd connection to them. In this case, my friend Hanna and I had been recounting the “asshole monkey” from our trip to Nicaragua on Friday and at present, a Range Rover (white or steel gray, FYI) is my “dream car.” 

And so, I put in my request, got up from my favorite spot to journal and pray, popped open my laptop, and spent a good 45 minutes writing before I had to get dressed for the day. I let go of my request and went about my day, trusting it would come to fruition. 

Within minutes, The Today Show announced that Tones & I would be live in studio to perform their song “Dance Monkey.” Which is apparently a smash hit I’ve never heard, but that’s neither here nor there. The point is, there, within minutes, was my monkey. 

It wasn’t an actual monkey or even a picture of a monkey. But it was the word “monkey” and to be fair, I didn’t specify how I wanted the monkey to appear. That’s one thing I learned about all of this – you have to be very specific when you put in your request. I giggled a bit, said “thank you” to the universe (gratitude is another important component of all of this), and continued about my day. 

Driving into work about an hour later, I slowed down to turn into my office and what was parked across the street? 

A black Range Rover. I’ve driven down that road for nearly two years now and had never seen that car there before. 

I smiled so big it hurt when I saw it. I usually have to wait a bit – patience, remember? – for my “requests” to materialize. Today? They were nearly instant. 

What is the Law of Attraction? 

The Law of Attraction, at its simplest, is the idea that “like attracts like” or “thoughts become things.” Essentially, what you think about, you attract. 

I first learned about the Law of Attraction the way a lot of people did: Oprah. I was on the upside of a bad breakup and Oprah was all in on The Secret. That book was everywhere and I was in a place where I needed something to pull me the rest of the way out of the funk I had been in for months. It was a Thursday afternoon, I had $20 in my account until payday the next day and I needed gas – it was a 35 mile drive from Charlottesville to my mom’s, where I lived at the time, and I needed to be able to get at least halfway back to Charlottesville the next morning to make it to the nearest gas station. I took a gamble, purchased The Secret, and devoured it within a couple of days. 

And I made it to the gas station, barely, the next morning. 

If you’re looking for a simple way to be introduced to the Law of Attraction, The Secret is a great option. I’ll link to some of my favorite Law of Attraction resources below. 

How does it work? 

The basic equation of the Law of Attraction is “Ask, Believe, Receive.” 


Ask for what you want. Be specific. For me, I like to make very detailed lists regarding my asks. I’ve done this several times over. I’ll write something like “I am so thankful and grateful that…” and then begin to write out a detailed list of what I want from a situation. A few examples: 

  • I had three months to find a permanent place to live in Nashville. Sitting in my rented room, I made a list of what I wanted in a place. I wrote “I’m so thankful and grateful that my new apartment…” and then I listed things like “is affordable,” “is safe,” “has a pool,” “has a washer and dryer,” and “has a walk-in closet.” While my apartment in Nashville wasn’t sprawling by any means, it ultimately checked off nearly every box on my list.
  • When I decided it was time to move on from my role at Dollar General after two years, I made a list of what I wanted that job to look like. I wrote a statement of gratitude for my new job like above, then listed things like “a desk with a view,” “free snacks,” “good benefits,” “fun environment,” “development opportunities,” and more. I thought that job would be in the music industry. I ended up not getting the job I was up for – a job that was terminated six months later – and moving back to Charlottesville where I landed a job that checked every single box, including “free snacks.” That move back home brought me to fitness and some of my best and dearest friends. It worked out perfectly.

I also like to make vision boards and do the occasional scripting exercise. How you ask the universe for what you want is something I believe you have to experiment with to find what works for you. Again, be specific. Don’t be afraid to dream big. 


Believing may well be the hardest part of the Law of Attraction. Once you ask, you have to believe that whatever you’re asking for will be yours. Have faith that it will come your way and detach from the outcome. For someone like me who really likes plans and organization, believing your goals and desires are on the way can be a real challenge. But focusing on not having what you ask for tells the universe you don’t believe it’s on its way. Like attracts like, remember? If you’re focusing on the lack of whatever you want, you continue to attract a lack of it. 

Confusing? Yes. Difficult? An even bigger yes. 

The often overlooked thing about believing is that you don’t just sit around and wait. You have to take action. If you feel inspired to start a new project, follow through. If an opportunity comes your way out of the blue, take it. If you get an inkling to move somewhere new, look into actually doing it, even if it seems ludicrous. This is how the universe leads you to what you’ve asked for – by asking you to take inspired action. It’s not just going to hand a new job over to you, after all. You’re going to have to network, send resumes, go on job interviews, step out of your comfort zone.

I like to think of the ask as your goal. That makes the believing as knowing you’ll get there with the help of the actions you take along the way. 


Once you’ve asked for what you want and believe its on its way to you, it’s your job to receive that thing once it arrives. Like believing, this is harder than it seems. Say you’ve asked for a perfect new job. You were really specific on the ask, had faith it would be yours, but then… you start to doubt. You think “I’m not the most qualified” or “Someone is probably better than me.” You’re not necessarily open to receiving. Perhaps you lack self-confidence or old stories you’ve believed about yourself are rearing their ugly head, blocking some of the good things coming towards you. Sometimes, the Law of Attraction requires some hard inner work – but we’ll talk about that sometime later.

But here’s the catch. 

Not getting the job doesn’t mean you’re not getting the perfect job. The universe says “this or something better.” I didn’t get that record label job that I thought was perfect for me. I ended up getting a better job and like I mentioned, that music industry job was eliminated six months later. I would have ended up unemployed instead of learning a valuable skill set at a new organization in my hometown. 

The universe doesn’t operate on our timeline. But it’s always on time. 

But wait. Aren’t you a Christian? 

If you’ve been around here long enough, you know I am very much a Christian. Some folks bristle about the idea of mixing manifestation with Christianity, but I see the Law of Attraction throughout the Bible. The “universe” in the Law of Attraction is open to interpretation. I believe the “universe” is God. Someone may think of it as the actual universe. Some folks call it the “higher spirit.” Your belief system will dictate what the “universe” is for you.

For me, Bible verses support this: 

  • If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer. – Matthew 21:22
  • Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. – Matthew 7:7
  • Everything is possible for one who believes. – Mark 9:23

And the one that really does it for me, a verse that has followed me around during the current season I’m in: 

  • You do not have because you do not ask God. When you ask, you do not receive, because you ask with wrong motives, that you may spend what you get on your pleasures. – James 4:2-3 

I plan to write a post in greater detail on this topic as I’ve had some really great discussions around it with friends as of late, some who believe similar to me, others who don’t.  

How do I practice the Law of Attraction? 

Start Small. 

That’s my biggest advice. Don’t go out of the gate asking for a million dollars. Set your intention by asking for, say, a free cup of coffee. Or to see a certain type or color of car throughout your day. For a monkey. Something like that, just to learn the ropes.

Practice Gratitude. 

If you only take away one part of this blog post, make it this one: practice gratitude. There is always something to be grateful for. Some days, it might come down to “I woke up this morning” and that’s still something – that’s a VERY big something. Be grateful for what you have – instead of focusing on what you don’t have – and you will immediately begin to sense a change in your life and outlook. 

Set Intentions. 

Set your intentions and use them as your beacon. A great place to start is setting an intention the moment you wake up to have a great day. If things start to veer off course, stop, breathe, and remember your intention. The Law of Attraction is largely about mindset. Got caught in traffic on the way to work? Remember your “I’m going to have a great day” intention, regroup, and don’t let traffic wreck your day. I’ll tell myself “okay, that happened, it’s behind me, can’t change it, it’s all up from here” and move on. Works (nearly) every time.

Say Affirmations. 

Positive self talk does wonders for the mind. Find or create an affirmation that resonates with you. “I am strong and beautiful.” “Money flows easily and freely to me.” My current affirmation of choice: “I am worthy of the life I want and deserve.” Repeat your affirmations enough and you’ll start to believe them. Write them down and put them somewhere you can see them. I’m a big fan of sticky notes on the bathroom mirror and desktops. 

Favorite Law of Attraction Resources. 

Want to learn more about the Law of Attraction? Here are a collection of some of my favorite resources: 



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What are your thoughts about the Law of Attraction? Tell me in the comments! 

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