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The Bold Life 💋

I gain a lot of clarity when I walk. I always have. It was while pounding the half mile strip of pavement between my house and my aunt’s over and over again that the first inklings of making the bold decision to leave my small hometown, my family, and my friends – all I had ever known – and try my hand somewhere else bubbled to the surface. It was during a walk that it occurred to me that I could finish my bachelor’s degree at a school in Tennessee. Walks that change the trajectory of my life ten-plus years ago.

Whenever I need to work out something, I go on a walk. I also take several short walks around the block each day. I call them “Jerico Walks” as I often use that time to talk to Jesus. Jesus tends to meet me there or else in the pages of my journal. My journal and my walks go hand-in-hand more often than not. 

About a year ago, I started to reassess what I was doing with my coaching business. I had a few clients and they made great progress. I was good at programming, at helping them dial in their nutrition. But I found I was great at the mindset stuff. Our check-in calls were rarely about exercise or nutrition. We talked about their lives instead. The obstacles they were navigating, the big decisions they were facing, the dreams they had but weren’t sure how to pursue. They were paying me for fitness and health coaching, but they were getting life coaching too. 

My wheels started to turn. 

I get a lot of messages and social media comments that say things like “you’re so inspiring!” or “I wish I could do that!” I get the occasional email or DM asking for advice on how to make a big life change or reach a decision. I’m no expert – I’m figuring it out day in and day out, too – but I love giving my insight, sharing my story. Because that’s what we all have, isn’t it? A story? 

I wondered – could I pivot to life coaching? Then there was this whole story thing. I wanted to coach people – and I wanted to tell their stories. How could I do both? 

I started to walk. 

For days upon days, nothing came to me. I had some vague ideas, some inclination of what I wanted. But I just couldn’t land on the what of it. 

It hit me hard and fast in June 2021 – yes, one whole year ago – while on one of those Jerico Walks. If we’re being technical about it, it came as a familiar voice I often hear if I listen well enough. 

The Bold Life. 

I nodded to myself as I walked. That was it. The Bold Life. I felt it in my bones. That was the thing I was supposed to build. 

So – I didn’t.

I can come up with any number of excuses to give you. I was wrapping up my time with UNC. Starting Pure Barre training. Welcomed Griff into the fray. Started a new job. Started a second year of grad school. Did some more Pure Barre training. You know, life. 

Except those excuses are all lies. It was fear that kept me from moving forward. Fear of what “they” would think. (Who even is “they” anyway?) Fear of whether or not I was good enough. Fear about – everything. Yet when something is meant for you, God – the universe, spirit, whatever you choose to believe in – will do everything in His power to make it happen. 

He started subtle enough with his pushes in the right direction. Over the last couple of months, the word BOLD followed me everywhere. It was in the Bible passages I was reading. In ads on Instagram. In conversations. On license plates because of course it was. I couldn’t escape it. 

The final push came in the form of a vision. 

Yes, a vision. 

I’ve been more intentional about taking quiet time lately. Time to pray and meditate and listen for guidance. I had been praying and meditating for guidance on what to do with my slice of the internet for weeks upon weeks. Then I saw it. An image of me, dressed in jeans and a white t-shirt with my signature red lips and blonde waves, the word BOLD splashed across me. It was clear and vivid and it all fell into place. 

Black, white, and red lips. 

The Bold Life. 

We tend to think life is black and white. Right and wrong. Yes and no. Even if we inherently know it’s not, we still try to make it so. We still try to look at each situation in our life as one or the other. As black or white. 

What if we slapped a bold red lip right in the middle of it all? 

What if we said no to looking at life as black and white and started to see it a little more bold? 

As bold as a pair of red lips? 

The Bold Life launches today. 

What does The Bold Life offer, you ask? 

So much. 

  • Coaching 
  • Stories 
  • Inspiration 

My 1:1 Bold Life Coaching is a 3-month container where you and I work together to help you live your most BOLD life. Coaching calls. Action plans. Accountability. Encouragement. You can learn more about it right here. If a 3-month container isn’t right for you, a 1-time coaching session – The Bold Consult – might be. An hour together to walk through what’s holding you back and develop a plan of action forward. Courses are coming soon. And so is The Bold Podcast, a place where you will hear stories from people who have made the courageous decision to live their Bold Life. 

I am beside myself with excitement over finally putting The Bold Life out there. I have hinted about it for a while. Thought the brand would be bright (bold) in color or that it would channel my love of a Bohemian color scheme. Who knew it would be simple? Black, white, red lips. 

Especially since living a Bold Life is anything but simple. 

I’ve been working on The Bold Life almost entirely in silence for a long time. I haven’t shared much about it, not even with my closest of friends. It felt too personal. 

But now it’s yours, too. It’s out there. We’re doing it. We’re overcoming fear and doing that thing we’ve known we were supposed to do for a year now. We’re living BOLD. 

Welcome to The Bold Life, friends. 

Where it’s about to get even bolder. 

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