Sarah Wyland | Thanksgiving Bodyweight Workout

Thanksgiving Bodyweight Workout

Sarah Wyland | Thanksgiving Bodyweight Workout

As I write this, I’m sitting on my couch, ramrod straight, with a bag of ice between me and the cushions. I’ve got the coffee table pulled close to the couch so I can put my feet up – I can’t slouch right now, and if I put my feet on the floor, I can’t rest against anything. If I scoot all the way back to sit up straight, my feet awkwardly hover and it’s a real mess. I wish I had a cooler story to explain how I bruised/cracked/broke a rib or two, but I don’t. It was cold and raining on Tuesday night (and every day this week, TBH), and I slipped on the wet leaves on the plank sidewalk outside. It was a graceful fall, but I was carrying three bags – you know, one for work, one for weightlifting, and one for barre, because of course – and my laptop ended up jamming sort of under my ribs. I don’t think I broke anything – I have too much mobility for that – but I have not enjoyed sitting on the sidelines this week. I’m still teaching barre, although I can’t demo everything, and I haven’t touched a barbell since Tuesday night. Womp womp.

The good news, each day this week has been a marked improvement as far as pain and range of motion go. I’m tempted to go into CrossFit this evening and heavily modify the WOD, but realistically, I know if I sit out today, I’ll likely be in a much better place tomorrow. And it’s important to heal well now to avoid a worse injury later. Still, for someone who is used to being active and loves throwing weights around, it’s been tough to hang out with my ice pack and fuzzy socks instead of my barbell and my lifters.

I’m getting pretty pumped about Thanksgiving. It’s my second favorite holiday of the year, and I’m looking forward to seeing my family in Virginia. I take the approach of “eat whatever you want” because it’s Thanksgiving and it only comes around one time a year. I plan to drop into CrossFit Charlottesville while I’m home, and of course I’m going to stop into The Gym, because they’re basically my family, too. Knowing me, I’ll also stop by the barre studio, too. Why not?

A lot of people like to get some sort of movement in on Thanksgiving morning, or at least have something lined up for the next day. If you’re traveling, finding a place can be tricky, depending on where you are. The good news is, you don’t need a gym to get your pre and/or post turkey movement in. I put together a 12-minute AMRAP you can do anywhere, with just your body. Remember, AMRAP means “As Many Rounds As Possible.” So set your timer for 12 minutes and go!

Sarah Wyland | Thanksgiving Bodyweight Workout

A few notes:

  • You can use dumbbells or even a kettlebell if you have them on hand for air squats and lunges to add a little more resistance.
  • Lunges – 10 lunges per leg – choose front or reverse lunges – up to you!
  • Push Ups – you can do these from your knees if 10 becomes too much, especially in later rounds
  • Planks – Forearm plank or full plank; you can also drop to your knees, just be sure to engage your core
  • Rest – the amount of rest is up to you; I encourage to try to move through complete rounds – air squat to plank – and then rest for up to 30 seconds before moving into the next round. I would estimate being able to complete about 4 rounds.

As you can (hopefully) tell, I’ve been writing a lot more lately – I’ve got a genuine real deal plan in place these days, and it’s pretty awesome. I do have spots open for my custom online personal training programs, and will have something many of you have asked for coming your way next week (hint – downloadable!). Stay tuned!

Have a great weekend!

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