Designed to help you get strong and reach goals.

Welcome to Strong By Sarah

Have you ever walked into the gym and wondered “where do I even start?”

Or maybe you’re comfortable in the gym, but you’re looking for a plan.

Perhaps you’re looking to kick things up a notch or try something new.

Strong By Sarah is for you.

I’m in the best shape of my life thanks to Sarah’s programming and support. – Allie R.

THis is the Program that took me from 250lb and borderline diabetic to a clean bill of health and a strong body.

When I began my fitness journey, I was nearly 250lbs and pre-diabetic. I didn’t want to live a life dependent on insulin. So I went to the gym.

Strong By Sarah came about through my own experiences in the gym. I know what it’s like to walk into the gym and not know where to start. I know what it’s like to feel comfortable in the gym, but not have a real plan and so I’d log hours on the elliptical. And I know what it’s like to want to try something new, to kick my workout up a notch.

I developed Strong By Sarah through trial and error. This is a program I personally have followed. It works if you work. Based on the progressive overload theory, each four-week phase builds on the next and provides your body with the stimulus needed to encourage change.

Why Strong By Sarah?

This program:

  • Provides you with two training program options: dumbbell and barbell. You get access to both! Each week includes four workouts, all with conditioning and core-strengthening components for a complete full-body experience.
  • Is designed to both effective and efficient – you’re not going to lose ours in the gym. With Strong By Sarah, you can be in and out of the gym within an hour, warmup included.
  • Is developed by someone who has not only been there, but who also has the knowledge and experience to back it up. Each phase includes a detailed email on the science behind it at the beginning of the month and each workout includes instructions, modifications, and demonstration videos.

Ready to join?

Awesome! You’ve got a couple of options.

The standard option gets you everything mentioned above: access to both barbell and dumbbell programming via Trainerize, a monthly email detailing the science behind that month’s four-week phase, and detailed explanations behind each workout including instructions, modifications, and demo videos.

The premium version gets you all the above, as well as the ability to message me via Trainerize with questions.

Strong By Sarah is a monthly subscription plan with a three-month minimum commitment – cancel anytime with 30 days notice after that. You can also pay for a full year and receive two months FREE.