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My Current Fitness Routine

My current fitness routine looks a lot different than it did a year ago.

A year ago, I was on month two of working out at home with limited equipment and space. I was doing a combination of trying to follow the CrossFit programming from the box I was a member of and making up my own workouts. When the gym was allowed to re-open, I was all too happy to rejoin CrossFit classes. I also joined CycleBar Cary to mix things up. 

Before that, I was solely focused on weightlifting. I was competing every couple of months and planned to qualify for a national meet until the world slammed to a halt. I tried to keep training the first few weeks of COVID, but my body had taken a beating over the last couple of years of competing and after fighting with limited equipment and a small space, I took the opportunity to back off and focus on overall conditioning. 

The remainder of 2020 was spent like that – two or three CrossFit classes a week, a CycleBar class or two, and a whole lot of walking around my apartment complex. I lost a lot of my muscle mass and my body composition changed. I was okay with that – I’m a coach and I gave myself the same talks I was giving my clients: we were in a pandemic. It’s okay to let your body change while coping with lockdowns, social distancing, and toilet paper shortages. 

And I liked the change of pace. I loved competing while I was in the thick of it, but just before the pandemic, I was starting to question what my future in the sport looked like. I wanted to compete at a national level, but I was also sore all the time. I had bruises on my collarbones from cleans, on my shins from just about everything. I injured both wrists in the span of six months and I still don’t have full range of motion of my fingers on my right hand. I was tired and wasn’t enjoying it as much anymore. I just wanted to move my body, not batter it with heavy weights 4-5 times a week. The change in my fitness routine helped restore my love of fitness once more. 

After moving to Los Angeles at the beginning of the year, I got the itch to get back into a regular fitness routine. It was tricky though. I moved to L.A. during the worst of its COVID outbreak and everything was largely shut down. A lot of the gyms in my area offered outdoor workouts, but weren’t taking new clients. With capacity limits, space restrictions, and scheduling limitations, they had to prioritize existing clients. My apartment gym was closed due to COVID regulations and so for the first month of my time in L.A., I did yoga in my bedroom. 

I liked CycleBar Cary a lot and decided to check out a CycleBar studio here in Los Angeles. I signed up for a class at CycleBar Culver City on a Sunday morning and loved it. The owner was so kind and the instructor was fantastic. I’m a sucker for feeling welcomed and included in a studio and CycleBar Culver City does that in spades. I signed up for a membership before I left. 

My current fitness routine is CycleBar class 4-6 times a week and workouts in my apartment complex’s gym 3 times a week. CycleBar was recently able to move back inside and take our classes from thirty minutes back to the usual forty-five which I have loved. I’ve been following my own programming – Strong By Sarah – and getting back into the swing of things on the strength training front. 

The first couple of weeks back in the gym were hard. My overall fitness level is very different than it was even three months ago and those weights felt HEAVY. Slowly but surely though, it’s coming back and consistency is the name of the game. I can admit I was humbled after my first full week back in the gym. I was sore – especially after leg day – and had to convince myself to keep showing up until it became a habit again.

We’re doing it though. 

I always tell my clients to be consistent, not perfect, and I’m reminding myself of that motto too. 

If you’re interested in Strong by Sarah, I’ve opened it to the public! It’s a monthly training program based on the progressive overload method. Each week includes four workouts with detailed instructions, modifications, and demo videos. There is a both a dumbbell and a barbell version of the program, and you get access to BOTH. If you’re interested, click here.

Fitness ebbs and flows. We have seasons where gym routines and workout classes get shuffled around. Your goals change, your likes and dislikes change. I went from barre to powerlifting to Crossfit to weightlifting, back to CrossFit and now, strength training and CycleBar. It’s about what works for you, what you enjoy, and what your goals are. 

That’s my current fitness routine – one that took me some time to get into the groove of, but that I’m really enjoying after a weird year of makeshift fitness. 

For me, it’s about moving my body. When I move my body, I feel good. And when I feel good, good things happen.  

And I really like it when good things happen. 🙂 

How are you moving your body these days? 

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