My 2022 Goals

I have mixed feelings about New Year’s Resolutions and setting 2022 goals. I don’t believe in waiting until Monday, the first of the month, or the first of the year to make a change. I believe you decide and then you do, whether that’s New Year’s Day or a Wednesday in July. 

I pride myself on being able to do all.the.things. Work full-time. Full-time grad school. Teach barre. My coaching business. Attempt a social life. All the things. I have been like this my whole life. I’m happiest when I have a full schedule. I thrive in chaos. It will surprise no one that I’m an Enneagram 3

But for the first time, I experienced major burnout in the last couple of months. I wrote in my journal on New Year’s Eve that I was living in survival mode. It was one of the more honest things I’ve admitted to myself. I let boundaries get crossed, priorities get shuffled. I stopped journaling and having quiet time in the morning. I wasn’t eating well. I wasn’t moving my body. When my schedule finally cleared the last couple of weeks of 2021, I felt tired and beaten down. I didn’t want to do the things anymore. I wanted to sit on my couch, binge watch all the TV I hadn’t been able to watch in recent weeks (I’m a TV writer, I LOVE TV), and scroll Instagram. 

So I let myself do that. 

I even went THREE DAYS without writing while I was home in Virginia, something that is unheard of for me. But there was also a day in which I worked fourteen hours on a year-end client deadline. It was so clear that I wasn’t in a healthy space. 

When I got back to L.A. after the holidays, I had another week off. I used that week to catch up on sleep, enjoy teaching barre without the hassle of “what do I need to do next?” and finally watch a couple of TV shows I’ve been itching to watch. I also had space to reflect, re-align, and get clear on what my priorities are. Another thing I wrote in my journal? “I’m tired of living life in a waiting room.” 

Sometimes it takes a crash and burn to get honest with yourself. 

More on the waiting room next week. 

I went through my clarity mapping exercise and made an action plan, one that is attainable and not overly aggressive. I restructured my priorities, reinforced my boundaries, and promised to hold my vision as my north star. 

With all of that in mind, here are my 2022 goals. 

Prioritize Self. 

I let my to-do list get in the way of my “me” list. I let my long established healthy habits like journaling,quiet time, eating well and moving my body fall by the wayside as the work/life boundaries I had worked so hard to establish came crumbling down. By Thanksgiving, I felt it and by Christmas, my body had enough. I was inflamed, sluggish, cranky, and operating through brain fog. With the turn of the calendar, I’ve recommitted to eating whole, healthy foods and moving my body every day, whether it’s taking a barre class, going to the gym, or taking a long walk with the dogs. I had already started to get back into morning quiet time with a devotional before Thanksgiving, a practice I’ve doubled down on along with journaling at least a few times a week. Journalining, quiet time, reading my Bible, eating well, and exercising are nonnegotiables in 2022. Prioritizing myself is a nonnegotiable in 2022. 


I love traveling and COVID has obviously made that difficult. My trip to Colombia in 2020 was canceled, but I managed to visit friends in Philadelphia and Cape Charles. 2021 kicked off with a cross-country move. 2022? We’re going places, COVID willing. I’m already scheduled to head to my beloved Nashville next month (will I come back though?) and I’m determined to go abroad. Where remains TBD, but I’m putting my passport to use this year. I’ve been itching to travel through France after spending a quick 36 hours in Paris in the spring a few years ago. Maybe 2022 is the year my ‘Paris in the fall’ dreams come true? 

Build A Sustainable Business.

I’ve had some semblance of a coaching business for a couple of years now. This is the year it becomes a sustainable business instead of something that earns an extra few hundred dollars a month. I’ve been working relentlessly these first few days of the year on content and services. Perhaps you’ve noticed the increase in blog posts? There’s other behind the scenes “stuff” happening too, like setting up proper bank accounts and registering as an LLC instead of a sole proprietorship. Much more to come here – including a bit of a pivot from the fitness coaching. 😉


Did you know I have approximately twenty-two manuscripts sitting on my computer? I didn’t either until I counted them a couple of days ago. Most of them are complete. A few of them are not. All of them need a little love and a lot of editing. I want to be a published writer and dammit, I have to do something with these manuscripts. And so I will in 2022. I will commit. Send query letters. Self-publish if it comes to it. No one is going to discover these pieces of work while they sit on my computer. The goal? Have an agent by year’s end. Catch me writing and editing in my downtown (from writing and editing scripts – 2022 is the year of the pen/keyboard!)


I’m entering 2022 halfway through my three year MFA program. I want to create TV shows just as much as I want to see my books on shelves. I have largely sat on the sidelines the first half of the program – again in large thanks to the pandemic shutting down productions and greatly altering the entertainment industry – but this year I’ll be serious about applying to internships and fellowships and networking. 


I have wanted to start a podcast for years and this feels like the time to do it. I love interviewing people and hearing about their lives. I’ve really missed that in recent months and keep thinking back to my days in Nashville when I was interviewing country artists. It was never “OMG I INTERVIEWED CARRIE UNDERWOOD TODAY!” (I mean, okay, it was a little of that…) but more of “wow, what a great story.” While I don’t think I’ll have country stars on my podcast this year (or will I?), I do think this is the year to get it off the ground. Get excited, friends. Podcast, coming soon!

Read 26 Books.

I read 25 books in 2021 and plan to surpass that number by one in 2022. Reading is my escape just as much as it helps me improve my craft as a writer. I’m also taking part in a 12 Books Reading Challenge where I sourced my social media followers to put together a list of 12 books recommended by them that I’ll read this year. You can see the list here and I’ll be sharing my reviews both on Instagram and right here. 

There you have it. My goals for 2022. If I only stick to one, it will be prioritizing self. But I’ve thought long and hard about what I want my goals for 2022 to be, and these feel attainable. While some are larger than others, 12 months is a long time and a lot can happen in a year. 

I’ll share my “Word of the Year” next week and what I’m doing to remember that word throughout the year. It was quite the process in getting to a word this year! 

What are your 2022 goals?  

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