I'm Moving to Chapel Hill
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I’m Moving To Chapel Hill

I'm Moving to Chapel Hill

Life has a weird way of working out.

Have you ever paused to take account of not only where you are now, but how you got there? I do that from time to time. Decisions to go to an event, send an email, or sign up for a program have inevitably led me to this place. These friends. This life.

Had I not gone to a free barre class nearly five years ago, I wouldn’t have a “second career” in fitness.

Had I not I sent an email to barre.[d] studio when it was just a construction zone to inquire about teaching, that second career wouldn’t have taken off, nor would I have met one of my best friends, Hanna.

Had I skipped out on a Junior League interest social, my friend Lauren wouldn’t have dragged a girl over to me, said “This is my sister, Liz, you should be friends,” and I probably wouldn’t have met another one of my best friends, Liz.

If I hadn’t returned the HR call from my current company, I wouldn’t have spent the last three-and-a-half years discovering a passion for travel, while developing a marketing skill set that’s going to serve me for years to come.

Had I not sent an application to the University of North Carolina’s MBA program, I wouldn’t be preparing to take a leap of faith and trust the peace in my heart.

I’m moving to Chapel Hill.

That’s in North Carolina.

It’s three hours south of Charlottesville.

I have a new job that is basically perfect for me. There are other exciting things in the works, too – stay tuned.

When I move on St. Patrick’s Day, I’ll be in a new town that doesn’t have Wegmans (yet) or Kroger. I’ll have to find a new grocery store, locate the nearest Target, find a new favorite local coffee shop. I’ll have to go to a new gym, make new friends, eat at a new favorite taco place.

There’s going to be a new route to work, a new normal schedule. Virginia’s orange and blue will turn to North Carolina’s (much prettier – sorry not sorry) Carolina Blue. There will even be a new cable provide because Comcast doesn’t serve the area. I won’t lie – I’m pretty excited about that.

I’ll have to find a new groomer for Knox that can deal with his scrappy approach to haircut day and still deliver a decent final product. He’ll need a new vet. I’ll need a new eye doctor. I’m not sure I’m willing to give up my hairdresser. I might just drive back to Charlottesville every couple of months for a haircut and color. 

There’s a lot of change coming my way not only in the next few weeks, but in the next few months. There are a lot of exciting things happening, things I’ve thought about and dreamed about for a long time. I have to be brave and step forward with blind faith that this will all fall together exactly as it is meant to.

When I chose the word “brave” for 2018, I had an inkling that a move to a new city would happen. One of those “no” answers last year was in relation to a job in Nashville that a friend had recommended me for. I was a final candidate, and pretty devastated when I didn’t get it. I dusted myself off after a day of wallowing in self-pity and trusted the process.

A “no” always leads to a bigger and greater “yes” after all.

Chapel Hill came together in a serendipitous sort of way that makes me shake my head in amazement and gratitude. God knows what He’s doing, and He’s really good at doing it when you get out of His way and let Him work. The phrase “where God guides, God provides” keeps coming up during my morning journaling sessions, and I’m leaning into that promise.


I plan to share a lot about my transition to Chapel Hill. Isn’t that a blogger’s gold mine? A whole new town – which happens to be a foodie town – to explore in the midst of a major life change? I know it won’t be all sunshine and daisies. I’m going to have hard days, humbling days, days when I just want a taco from Brazos or an Americano from Mudhouse. Days when I miss my family, my friends, my gym, my students.

But I also know I feel at peace about this move, and what is ahead. It has been laid on my heart to lean into this opportunity and trust that it is the right thing for me to do at this point in my life.

Here’s to being brave, embracing change, and flexing my trust muscles.

And to maybe finding a place to live in Chapel Hill in the next three weeks.

Are any of you in the Chapel Hill area? If so, send me recommendations on what I should do, places to eat, even places to live!


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  1. CONGRATS!!! This is so exciting!! I am so happy for you. This sounds like the perfect thing at the perfect time for you. Can’t wait to hear more about it!


  2. Hi Sarah, I’m Megan and I live in Chapel Hill. I found your blog – literally today – when I googled “pure barre + weight watchers” so I feel like it’s kind of a God thing that you posted about moving! I actually went to undergrad at UVA and can say with certainty that although I loved the University, living in Chapel Hill is even better.
    Things to do: I love pure barre and feel like the Chapel Hill studio is the best (everyone loves home, but I’ve tried studios in 5 states and chapel hill rocks!). Also Durham is very close to CH and downtown Durham is my favorite place in the area – lots to explore and lots of great bars, restaurants, etc.
    Places to eat: anywhere in downtown Durham, Acme, Venable Bistro, Rise Biscuits and Donuts (quite a calorie spend but SO worth it every now and then)
    Places to live: I work at UNC and also did my masters there so I love living in CH proper because it’s less than 10 min to work. But I also love Durham.
    Anyway! Your blog is lovely and I hope you have a great move and love CH as much as I have.

    1. Megan! It’s so great to “meet” you! I can’t wait to get down to Chapel Hill in a few weeks! I took note of the places you listed – and I’ll be working at UNC, too! And how cool that you were a UVA grad! Small world!

  3. Sarah,

    Congrats!! Both of the boys were born in Raleigh…. the Triangle is an awesome place!! Chapel Hill has a Cville vibe so I am sure you will transition very well.
    Lowe’s is a good grocery store…. Not Wegmans, but those are big shoes!
    Caribou Coffee is really good!! But I am sure you’ll find a cute little coffee house!
    Fun to keep up with what you have going on!

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