Hallmark Christmas Movie Workout

Hallmark Christmas Movie Workout

Hallmark Christmas Movie Workout


I love Hallmark’s Christmas movies.

There was a time when I teased my mom for her love of the Hallmark channel around the holidays.

I’ve become my mother.

I’ve reached a point this year where I’ve seen nearly every movie in rotation. My favorites? Here’s my Top 3.

Finding Santa 

Grace (Jodie Sweetin) runs a year-round Christmas shop, and organizes the town parade each year. When the town Santa breaks his arm, she sets out to convince his son Ben (Eric Winter) to be Santa, no matter how reluctant he is.

Christmas Under Wraps 

Dr. Lauren Brunell (Candace Cameron Bure) doesn’t get the fellowship she had her heart set on. While she waits for her father to right the situation, she takes a job in a remote Alaskan town where she meets Andy Holliday (David O’Donnell) and learns what it means to follow her heart – and that the town is harboring a huge secret.

The Sweetest Christmas 

Kylie Watson (Lacey Chabert) is an out-of-work pastry chef, living with her sister and working as a receptionist at her boyfriend’s construction company. She learns she has made it to the finals of the American Gingerbread Competition, but her sister’s oven breaks, leaving her to turn to her ex-boyfriend Nick (Lea Coco) in hopes that she can use his restaurant to prepare her entry.

These movies are cheesy and predictable and I watch them every time they are on. Watch enough of these movies and you realize there are a lot of similarities in them. Christmas cookies? Check. Hot chocolate? Check. Christmas tree decorating? Check. Town Christmas celebrations? Check.

With that in mind – coupled with the fact that it’s going to be cold and (maybe!) snowy this weekend, perfect Hallmark Christmas movie watching conditions! – I made up a Hallmark Christmas Movie Workout.

The rules? Whenever one of these scenarios plays out on screen, get off the couch and knock out the assigned move!

Fair warning – there will be lots of mountain climbers during The Sweetest Christmas! 

Hallmark Christmas Movie Workout

You can download a PDF version of the workout here.

Do you watch Hallmark Christmas movie? Which one is your favorite?

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