Friday Picks

Friday Picks: Volume 4

It’s that time again! Friday Picks. I have some good ones this week – movies, TV, books, music… And makeup! 

Let’s get right to it. 

The Hating Game. I loved the book The Hating Game (here’s my review) and my friend and fellow writer Nikki raved about the movie, so I treated myself to microwave popcorn with chocolate chips (they melt and it’s sticky and messy and so good!) and rented it from Amazon. It was such a fun watch. Lucy Hale and Austin Stowell star and their chemistry is great. It stays pretty true to the book for the most part, although the ending is slightly different – but only slightly. If you’re looking for a fun rom-com to watch, rent The Hating Game from Amazon. Watch the trailer here.

Waiting For Tom Hanks. It took me about 50 pages to get into Waiting For Tom Hanks, but once I did, I was HOOKED. I stayed up way too late to finish it. The protagonist, Annie, is a hopeless romantic and like me, she believes in rom-com love and is an aspiring writer. When a movie films in her hometown, she finds herself as the director’s assistant and she has the full attention of the film’s star – her very own rom-com in the making. It’s a light read that will make you feel all warm inside. Full review coming soon! 

Bel-Air. Listen. If you tune into Peacock’s Bel-Air, a revival of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, expecting it to be a half hour sitcom with a lovable fish out of water lead, quirky sidekick cousin, and a wise-cracking butler, you’re going to be disappointed. If you’re looking for a drama that takes some risks with social issues, you’ll enjoy Bel-Air. It’s a little jarring if you’re a fan of the original Fresh Prince, but I was hooked one episode in. The acting is solid, the storylines are deep, and the writing is good. It’s a stark contrast from the Will Smith we know and love, but it’s one revival that I personally think did it well. 

E.L.F. Wow Brow Gel. My friend Amanda recently launched her side hustle as a makeup artist (she’s so good – if you’re in the Memphis area, hire her!) and she talked about E.L.F. Wow Brow Gel in one of her lives. I picked it up on an Ulta trip a few weeks ago and she’s right – it’s fantastic. I only recently started using any sort of brow product and I love how this one brushes on. I took her advice to go one shade lighter than my brows and it looks so good when I fill my brows in! Plus, it’s less than $5! 

“Crazy One More Time (Revisited).” I have had a crush on Kip Moore for a long time. When he first hit the scene with “Mary Was The Marrying Kind,” I was an intern at Great American Country. My boss passed me Kip’s bio and a few press photos and said “listen to this guy and if you like him, put him on the website and write a piece about his debut single.” We had a demo of “Mary” from his label. I loved it and I wanted more. I went on MySpace (!!!) and listened to the few tracks he had there. Not only did I put him on the website and write a piece about him, I was writing an obituary later that day and was so hooked on Kip’s music that I wrote his name in several places. Embarrassing. My editor got a big laugh out of it though, 🤷‍♀️ I’ve continued to be a fan of not just his music (he’s so good live), but of him. He’s a salt of the earth kind of guy and I’m thrilled he’s re-recorded the fan-favorite “Crazy One More Time” from his debut album and released it as a single. Give it a listen and check out the music video here

I feel like I should have added a podcast in there just to round out the entertainment theme of this week’s Friday Picks, but don’t worry, I have one in mind for next week already… 

What are your Friday picks this week?! 

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