Free Full Body Kettlebell Workout | Sarah Wyland

It’s Open Season! + Free Full Body Kettlebell Workout

Free Full Body Kettlebell Workout | Sarah Wyland

It’s Open season!

The first workout of the CrossFit Open was announced last night and it goes like this:

15 minute AMRAP
19 Wall Balls
19 Calorie Row  

In theory, it’s simple. But it’s going to absolutely destroy legs, and do it pretty quickly. 15 minutes is a long time in CrossFit. I know I’m going to clock in around 1:15 for my row, on average. I’ll start off right at the one minute mark, but I know I’ll lose some time as my legs get tired. My best wall ball time is 30 in a minute, so if I can get my rhythm going, that should be somewhat decent.

Famous last words.

My box runs Friday Night Lights as a team competition. We’ll do the Open workouts each week on Friday nights – and they’re themed! – and earn points towards the overall team standings. The draft took place yesterday – yes, there’s a draft – and my team is solid. Real solid.

Realistically, I’ll do a combination of RX and scaled workouts over the next five Fridays. I’m going to excel in the strength workouts, but the gymnastics element isn’t something I’m great at, and you can almost guarantee handstand push ups are coming. (I can do exactly one. Maybe I’ll PR and get two this Open?). One of my coaches, Kevin, framed the Open like this:

“The first workout will be an introductory type of deal. It’ll ease you into it and everyone will feel pretty good about it. It’s the middle workouts where things change and they start to seperate the elites from the rest of us.”

I like how Coach Michael put it as well:

“One workout will be a max lift, another will be gymnastics, and another will be thrusters. There’s always freaking thrusters.”

Sign me up for the thrusters. I’m firmly in the small percentage of people that enjoy them, but generally speaking, I love anything that involves barbell cycling.

Another interesting thing to watch this Open?

CrossFit made sweeping changes to how athletes qualify for the CrossFit Games this year, and also laid off a substantial number of their staff, including those in media and production. In the past, the top athletes in the Open went on to compete at Regional events and the top finishers at those went to the Games. This year, there are no Regionals, and athletes qualify for the Games by winning sanctioned events, or finishing Top 20 in the world in the Open. There is a lot of uncertainty around these changes, and Open registrations are down 44% over last year. The 19.1 announcement last night was incredibly lackluster compared to past years. If you want entertainment, go read the comments on the 19.1 announcement on the CrossFit Games Facebook page – or any other CrossFit social media channel.

While I’m prepping to take on 19.1 – in my Peyton Manning Tennessee jersey and Power T face tattoos because tonight’s theme is favorite sports team – I put together a fun kettlebell workout for you. I did this workout about a week ago, when I wanted to get some movement in to loosen up some sort muscles, but didn’t want to go all out with a WOD. A 15 minute AMRAP in honoro of the Open. Give it a go!

Happy weekend!

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