Fit Friday Sarah Wyland

Fit Friday – Kettlebell Workout

Fit Friday Sarah Wyland

This week is one of those weeks in which I feel like I can look back on it and say “man, that was a productive one.” I’m flying solo at my new job – is it still new four months later? – which means a hefty workload. I’m two weeks into being a one-woman marketing team, and so far, I… kinda like it? I loved my former manager, but it’s been good to really dig in and just make.stuff.happen. I also launched the founders packages for my studio and checked off a whole lot of marketing tasks, not to mention published a post on the studio and another on what’s wrong with the #NoExcuses culture, and did that whole personal trainer thing with my clients. Figuring out how to work efficiently to complete several lengthy to-do lists has been the name of the game.

CrossFit kicked my booty in the best way this week. The programming has been tough, but it’s also been programming that’s played to my strengths. Meaning it’s been a lot of lower body work. I’ve been able to really push myself this week, and I’ve loved it. We’re squatting tonight and my legs are screaming from front squats, lunges, and dumbbells snatches earlier this week, but don’t you worry. It’s squat day and I am THERE FOR IT.

With it being Friday and this being a health and fitness blog, I thought I’d introduce “Fit Friday” this week. Every Friday, I’ll post a workout and a few fitness and health-related articles I’ve found throughout the week. This week, I’m sharing one of my favorite kettlebell workouts. This is my tried and true circuit for when I don’t have a lot of time, but want to get my heart rate up. Grab your favorite kettlebell and give it a try this weekend.

Sarah Wyland Kettlebell Workout

As a personal trainer, I’m committed to working out alongside my clients. What kind of coach would I be if I didn’t practice what I preach? I read a great article from ACE this week – 5 Programming Mistakes Trainers Make – and found it insightful. I was pleasantly surprised to find I don’t identify with any of these. One that stood out was not having a good grasp on anatomy. I spent a lot of time studying anatomy before taking my personal training certification exam and my former coach used a lot of anatomy when we trained. Point to a muscle, and I’ll probably be able to tell you its name and how it functions. I agree that knowledge of the body is SO important.

The other point I really liked – don’t train clients the way you train yourself. I’ve only ever thought to train clients as individuals, even in a group setting. There’s no one size fits all solution to health and wellness. I can bound over 20″ boxes and rip a barbell off the floor into a clean in my sleep, but I won’t have a client who is only just starting to exercise do either of those things.

I don’t normally love articles like Well + Good’s Is CrossFit For Me as they can be biased, but this one is actually pretty good. Have no fear – I’ll be posting my own CrossFit thoughts and feelings next week!

And finally. I’ll admit it. A lot about the Tone It Up brand makes me rage. Their so-called nutrition plans alone make me want to go on a Kanye-like Twitter tirade (but I’ll make sense). They recently posted an article on weightlifting that is highly inaccurate and full of bad advice. I’m planning to post a rebuttal because I just can’t help myself.

Let me know if you try my kettlebell workout!

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  1. I saw your tweet about the TIU article and was really hoping you would write a rebuttal! I just got into weightlifting this year and I’d love to read more about it 🙂

  2. I am so excited you posted this!! I am wanting to incorporate some kettleball things into my workout but I have never done it before and have no idea what I am doing. YAY!! Thank you thank you! Now I just need to actually purchase one.


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