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Asking For Signs: Why It is Never A Coincidence

I have a hard time believing in coincidence. 

Some things are just too uncanny to be as simple as a coincidence. 

The definition of coincidence is: a remarkable concurrence of events or circumstances without apparent causal connection. 

Without apparent causal connection.

I often pray to experience God in my dreams the way Kailey Dickerson experiences Him, the way I have experienced him a couple of times in the past. But God has a unique way of speaking to each of us, and for me, it’s most often through signs. 

Through events that have no apparent causal connection. 

Events that are simply too uncanny to be considered a coincidence. 

A few recent examples. 

The Cardinal

I prayed for three days last week to see a cardinal as reassurance. It’s common to see cardinals back home. I often had one sit on the signpost outside my apartment window and peer inside when I lived in Chapel Hill. But here in Los Angeles, cardinals aren’t a native bird. You won’t see them out and about. To see a cardinal is rarer than rare. Which, in turn, makes it a great sign to ask for – there’s no “that’s just coincidence” when one appears to you here. 

On the third day, the cardinal largely out of mind, my friend Maddie sent me a DM on Instagram.

It was a picture of a cardinal outside her window. 

She knows cardinals are a sign for me and when I told her I had been asking for one, she said she saw it and felt a pull to take a photo and send it to me. 

That wasn’t a coincidence. 


Nashville Hat

A couple of weeks ago, I floated out of my apartment en route to a physical therapy appointment in a really good mood. As I waltzed out the door, I said “Jesus, show me all the signs today. Show me what you’ve got.” I have specific signs that I ask for in certain situations and Jesus knows ‘em all. One of those signs is the word “Nashville.” I didn’t have any specific requests or reasoning behind seeing a sign, just liked the idea of God saying “hey.” 

My PT office is about ten minutes down the way. I checked in, popped into the bathroom, then returned to the waiting area. A man had arrived and was just sitting down. I glanced his way as I took my own seat and let out a little giggle that made him look my way in question. 

There, on his hat, was the word “Nashville.” 

That wasn’t a coincidence. 

Nashville Hat

Blue Hearts

I needed God to prove a promise to me. It was a twofold promise, and I was in a place where I needed Him to remind me I hadn’t been forgotten. So I got really specific. I asked him to send me two blue hearts within the next day – one heart for each promise. 

A few hours later, I was headed home from the barre studio and found myself in the wrong lane to make my turn up ahead. The car in front of me was going too slow for the left lane and the car in the right lane was keeping pace with me. I tried to slow down, but there was a truck in the right lane that kept me from getting over and a car behind me that kept me from slowing down even more. I was, in a word, stuck. Perhaps the car keeping pace with me noticed my dilemma because they sped up just enough to give me room to slip between their car and the truck behind them. 

On the back of their car? 

Two blue hearts. 

One on the license plate, one as a sticker. 

That wasn’t a coincidence. 

Blue Hearts

I could go on and on – I have a plethora of these stories by now – but I hope you have enough evidence here to perhaps convince you that maybe not everything in life is a mere coincidence. 

I’m not special or favored. I’m simply open to hearing God however He chooses to speak to me and He often chooses visible signs. It’s harder to question a tangible sign when it’s RIGHT THERE compared to my dreams that, no matter how sure I am they came from Him, I still can’t help but wonder… 

You can receive signs too. It’s as simple as asking. It’s as simple as saying “Please send me a sign.” You can let God decide what that sign looks like, or you can be specific which is what I prefer – I know those signs came from God when they appear. Because I’ll admit it – I get creative with my requests so I’ll know for sure they are meant for me. Then, you simply – wait. Wait for God to draw your attention to that bird or butterfly or flower or whatever you have requested. 

And while you wait, may I suggest looking for Him in the every day? I saw him in the newly blooming jasmine on my walk last week. He was in the sunset on Saturday. The joy on Griff’s face while sprinting full tilt around the dog park. In Knox’s early morning flop and cuddle session. In the baby that smiled and waved at me in the grocery store last Sunday. 

Ask for a sign. 

Believe you will receive it. 

Thank God when you do. 

God is not in the business of coincidence. 

He’s not in the business of a causal connection. 

I have a feeling God is preparing to move big in my life. He’s been loud and clear for the last few months, especially when I begin to question Him. I’m in a waiting period, but He’s there, consistent and clear, communicating with signs and Bible verses and friends that text me prayers out of the blue that have an uncanny way of being exactly what I need in the moment. 

Maybe you are well-versed in signs. Maybe you ask for them, experience them often. Maybe it’s a brand new concept. Or maybe you read this with a lot of doubt or even a “scientific explanation” for my experiences. But I implore you to consider the fact that maybe there’s more. Maybe there is an invisible string that ties it all together. 

If you’re curious and want to do a little reading on signs, I recommend the book Signs: The Secret Language of the Universe by Laura Lynne Jackson. It’s an insightful, beautiful read on how we receive signs – and how we can request them. 

When we look back, I think we’ll see – it was never really random. 

It was never a causal connection. 

It was never a coincidence. 

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