Maren Morris Humble Quest

Album Review: Maren Morris’ Humble Quest

Country music is hard on women and Maren Morris gets a lot of flack for having the audacity to have an opinion, be true to who she is, and, horror of all horrors, occasionally show her midriff. My opinion? Maren gets the last laugh with her new album, Humble Quest. 

My introduction to Maren Morris was her debut single, “My Church,” which hit in 2016. Six years later, my eyes will still well up when I hear it. I had both her debut album, Hero, and her follow up, Girl, on repeat for weeks after their release and still pull them up on occasion to listen all the way through. I was almost nervous – no pun intended – to listen to Humble Quest for fear of disappointment.

I was not disappointed. 

Humble Quest opens up with “Circles Around This Town,” the album’s debut single. It’s an autobiographical track about Maren trusting a busted up Montero to get her from Texas to Nashville where she drove around with demo CDs hoping for a break and how even though she has “made it,” she’s still got the pedal down. It resonated with me right away as someone who is currently “driving circles around this town.” I know it’s Maren’s story, but it feels like mine – that’s the power of a good song. 

There are several songs about grown up love and relationships on Humble Quest. So often, love songs are either “everything is perfect and beautiful” or “I messed up and lost the love of my life.” Real love – grown up love – is as messy and hard as it is beautiful and easy. Maren showcases those emotions on songs like “Furthest Thing,” a track about how her career often keeps her apart from her husband, fellow musician (and frequent co-writer) Ryan Hurd, and “I Couldn’t Love You More,” a tune in which she is professing her love for hom. “Tall Guys” is also about him and Maren? I feel you. I, too, love a Tall Guy. 

The song “Hummingbird” is a standout track about her young son, Hayes, who she notoriously shields from the public. She wrote the song the day she found out she was pregnant and it’s enough to make any momma swoon. 

My favorite song on Humble Quest is “Nervous,” a sexy little tune about the early days of a physical relationship. “Good Friends” celebrates those “drop everything” friendships and “What Would This World Do?,” a song about busbee, Maren’s longtime collaborator and producer who passed away in 2019, is the kind of song you might hear over and over, but then one day, the lyrics slam you in the chest with how poignant they are. It’s a song you have to be in a certain headspace to fully appreciate. It might have made me cry in the middle of the gym a few days before the anniversary of my mom’s death. 

Humble Quest was a delight to listen to from open to close. I’ve listened to it all the way through several times and it has been my go-to album when I need to chill out a bit or else focus to get some work done. 

I give Humble Quest five stars out of five.

Album Review: Maren Morris' Humble Quest

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