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Accountability: October Goals + September Recap

I’m very much an Enneagram 3. I like checkboxes and gold stars. I like to look and feel productive. So you can imagine how much I do not want to write this post in which I admit that I accomplished very little from my list of September goals. Let’s rip the bandaid off before we get into October goals shall we? 

  • Settle into the new school year – This I managed. I love my classes and the projects I’m working on. I’m not the biggest fan of comedy writing if I’m being entirely honest, but I do like the pilot I’m developing a little more with each passing week. 
  • Work from a coffee shop – I don’t know why I didn’t manage to accomplish this seeing as I went into a lot of coffee shops over the last month. Yet I never got it together to take my laptop, sit down, and work. 
  • Read two books – I didn’t and it’s my own fault. Because I’m currently reading five books at once. FIVE. I can’t seem to finish any of them, but I’m halfway through all of them. I’ll share my reviews when I’m (finally) finished. 
  • Try something new in Los Angeles – Now THIS I managed. I went to Pasadena for a day trip and explored Old Town Pasadena. It’s such a cute area. I really liked it and plan to share more about my trip up there soon as part of my Los Angeles guides. I also went to Tour de Pier at Manhattan Beach, a cycling fundraiser for cancer research. We had a Pure Barre table and had a great time.  
  • Exercise four times a week – On a good week, I got two workouts in. Hard to believe when I was doing both a barre class and a lifting session almost daily a couple of years ago. But with teaching barre, school, and work, it’s been hard to get into the gym on a consistent basis. I’m struggling a little with that as I NEED to move my body, but we’re working through it. 
  • Stick to a content calendar + add social media to it – I didn’t. I had to let a couple of balls drop, and my blog was one of them. I only posted a fraction of the content I had planned and social media was very hit or miss. I missed it though, so here we are, trying again. 
  • Revise my manuscript for query – This is in progress. I’ll leave that there. 😉 

When I first reviewed this list, I felt pretty down on myself. So many boxes left unchecked. What did I even do with my time last month? 

But then I had a come to Jesus talk with myself. I accomplished a lot last month. I continued to get my wheels under me at my new job and in teaching Pure Barre. I successfully pitched a couple of projects at school. I spent time with friends, helped my brother move into his new apartment, did some exploring. Spent some time at the beach and got a lot of writing done. I also did a couple of pesky things I’ve been putting off like going to the dentist and the eye doctor. 

We can be pretty hard on ourselves, can’t we? It’s easy to look at what we didn’t do instead of giving ourselves a pat on the back for what we did do. I’m going to try to do better about giving myself grace – Lord knows I need it with the way I’m programmed to get.stuff.done.

Moving into October, I’m going to be a little more realistic with my goals now that I have an idea of what my schedule looks like with school, work, and barre. Here are my October goals: 

  • Try something new in Los Angeles
  • Work from a coffee shop 
  • Continue working on my query
  • Exercise more
  • Finish two books 

Realistic. Doable. Goals. 

What are your October goals?

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