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Accountability: July Goals + June Recap

Better late than never on my monthly accountability post, no? July goals, coming in hot.

If you’ll recall, I started posting my monthly goals last month for accountability. One could argue I’m already a slacker as here it is, mid-July and I’m only just reflecting on last month’s goals and sharing July goals. But in my defense, I wrote these down in my journal at the beginning of the month so I’m technically on schedule. 

Let me believe that about myself, okay? 

First, let’s take a look at how my June goals fared. 

  • Post two blog posts per week – Giving myself half credit here. I published at least one post a week, and that’s more than I have published consistently in several months. Let’s call this a win. 
  • Post something to Instagram each day – Another half credit. I posted to my stories every day, although not always my face on video, and to my timeline about half the time. I had good intentions, but it just didn’t happen and that’s okay.
  • Read two books – Check! I actually read three: The Road Back to You, Atomic Habits, and The One. I recommend all of them. Atomic Habits should be required reading. 
  • Have (super top secret project!!!) 80% complete – Eh, maybe 40% there. In hindsight, this was an aggressive goal. I’ll keep churning away on it and still hit the personal deadline I have for launching it. 
  • Finish revisions of a pilot script – Check! I made a full pass through one of my pilots and honestly wondered what I was thinking when I wrote that draft. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t good. I made a number of corrections and script notes and will make another pass at it soon to structure the story better. 
  • Complete 1,000 words of summer (write 1,000 words each day for two weeks, 5/31-6/13) – CRUSHED THIS. I wrote 33,795 words and revised 28,826 words. I was oh so pleased with this outcome. I’m going to be sharing some of those revised words soon. 😉 
  • Try something new in Los Angeles – Always. I went to a Quilt picnic in Griffith Park and it was lovely to meet new people. I explored Manhattan Beach on foot one Saturday evening as well. I’m going to start sharing a lot more about life in Los Angeles in the coming weeks. 

Now, onto July’s goals! 

  • Pure Barre training and practice for my August test out video
  • Publish two blog posts a week
    • Sub goal: Put together a content calendar 
  • Have Super Secret Project at 80% completion 
  • Hang things on my walls (I’ve lived here almost seven months… It’s time…)
  • Organize my kitchen cabinets and bathroom drawers 
  • Read two books
  • Try something new in Los Angeles 
  • Publish an original work to Wattpad
  • More pilot revisions 

July is ambitious, but a lot is happening behind the scenes of this blog and a lot is happening in life, too. August is going to be especially wild… (insert winking emoji here). 

And so there we have it, July’s goals and a look back at how successful June was. All and all, not a bad month, June. 

Now I’m going to take a deep breath. 

Because seriously – things are about to get WILD around here. 

Hold on tight. 

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