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Accountability: August Goals + July Recap

.Ready for August goals? I know you are… 

Is it just me or was July over in the snap of a finger? The month flew by. It was a productive month though, and for that, I’m grateful. In keeping with my monthly accountability 

posts (and posting this a lot earlier than I posted the July one… as in on time…), here’s how my July goals faired:

  • Pure Barre training and practice for my August test out video – Nailed it. So. Much. Practicing. I’m feeling pretty confident about two weeks out from when I plan to record my Test Out Video. Pure Barre is a lot different than barre.[d] (and yet still very similar…) and I’ve had to put in a lot of time to learn the new language. I’m doing it and loving it though!
  • Publish two blog posts a week – Done! I’ve produced a lot of content this month that I’m proud of. We’re doing the dang thing. 
    • Sub goal: Put together a content calendar – Also done! And what’s even crazier? I’ve written several of these August posts and scheduled them already. Here’s to batching content. 
  • Have Super Secret Project at 80% completion – Still not quite there, but closer. We’ll have it done in time for the big September reveal. 
  • Hang things on my walls (I’ve lived here almost seven months… It’s time…) – Well, I failed here. I was thisclose to hanging up a few things when I had a sort of identity crisis about my home decor. I just can’t make up my mind about my interior design. I go from boho to mid-century modern and back again with a little “Chip and Joanna” thrown in for good measure. 
  • Organize my kitchen cabinets and bathroom drawers – Done(ish)! I ordered a couple of lazy susans from Amazon and can we just discuss what a game changer that was for my spice cabinet? I’m obsessed. I also picked up a few bins and organizers from Home Goods to tackle my bathroom drawers. It’s still a bit of a work in progress – hence the “ish” – but a lot of progress was made. 
  • Read two books – Done! This month I read People We Meet on Vacation and East Coast Girls. Both books are great and I recommend them, but People We Meet on Vacation is on another level. It’s a must-read if you haven’t read it already. 
  • Try something new in Los Angeles – Done! I went to The Bungalow in Santa Monica and hiked to the Hollywood sign. I’d like to say I did more than these couple of things, but July was a little chaotic with Pure Barre training and getting into the swing of running the studio. 
  • Publish an original work to Wattpad – Didn’t accomplish this. I was close, but I had a moment and decided I wanted to pursue a different piece that needs editing. I’m hoping to get this done in August!
  • More pilot revisions – Sort of. Sort of because while some revisions were made, I didn’t get as far as I’d like. I worked on two short films with my classmates instead and can’t wait to see those produced later this fall. 

And now, let’s get into August goals. Here they are: 

  • Pass my Pure Barre Test Out Video 
  • Adjust to a new schedule – I’m starting a new job AND school starts! 
  • Write and submit a query letter to an agent 
  • Read two books 
  • Try something new in Los Angeles
  • Stick to my content calendar 
  • Publish an original work to Wattpad
  • Make progress with the pups getting along 

Oh yeah, have I mentioned I now have TWO dogs?! Knox got a brother at the end of July. Griff is a mix of several small dogs and came into the household at a whopping 10 weeks old and weighed two whole pounds. It’s been a little rocky as Knox gets used to having a sibling and Knox himself was diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis in the midst of it, but we’re getting there, slowly but surely. Griff is VERY different than Knox was as a puppy – not quite as active (Knox never stopped moving, Griff likes to play for a few minutes and then snuggle) and Griff chews EVERYTHING. The only thing Knox ever chewed was my Tory Burch slides. He’s got good taste, I guess?

There we have it. A recap of July’s goals – a pretty solid month! – and a setting of August goals. Now, let’s go crush them. 

What are your goals for August?

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