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2020 Goals + Word of the Year

2020 Goals + Word of the Year

I say it often. 

I don’t believe in waiting until the start of a new year to set goals or make changes. If I want to do something, I do it. I don’t wait for the calendar to change or a season to pass or a few pounds to disappear or whatever other reason people come up with to resist change. 

Still, I do love goal setting and planning, so I can’t resist creating some long term goals for 2020. 

Goals, not resolutions. 

Goals are more attainable. Resolutions… That word feels like it’s set up for failure. It feels like you’re “resolving” to be better – you don’t genuinely want to be better – you’re simply resolved to trying to make a change. One of the definitions of “resolve” is “to settle or find a solution” after all. I’d like to think we aren’t trying to settle for change, but actively create it.

I also like to set a word for the year ahead. 2019’s word was “Abundance.” In 2018, it was “Brave.” 2017 was the year of “Vulnerable” while 2016 the year of “Courage.” 2020’s word, which I’ll get into below, is short, sweet, and full of daring. 

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2020 Goals 

Qualify for the American Open Series 

This is my favorite goal of 2020. I love it because for perhaps the first time ever, my health goal isn’t to “lose weight” or something along those lines. It’s to qualify for a national weightlifting meet. I need to add 16kg to my total by May 24th to qualify to compete a month later. It’s a big feat but not unrealistic. First meet: February 15th. 

Learn more about art history. 

I’ve always been intrigued by art. After visiting Florence and Rome at the end of 2016, my interest skyrocketed. Seeing David, the Pietà, and the Sistine Chapel in person did something to me. I’ve read a bit here and there, but I want to know more. I’ve committed to taking an art history class in 2020 – and have already applied to a local community college to do so! 

Take a few classes. 

Not semester long classes a la art history but the occasional cooking class, a hand lettering class, something I can commit a few hours to and learn something. I’d love to take a knife skills class, perhaps a pastry class, a hand lettering class, maybe even a painting class. Sur La Table has a British Baking class I think I’d really excel at, given my deep belief that I should have been born British.  

Read 24 books, emphasis on the classics. 

This was my 2019 goal. I clocked in at 21, barely missing it. I love to read and want to make more time for it in 2020. I also want to focus on reading some of the classics, like Pride and Prejudice, Lord of the Rings, Little Women, Wuthering Heights… Some I’ve read, some I haven’t, but I feel pulled to revisit the classics. And I do love Hemingway, Fitzgerald, and Faulkner. 

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Grow my business. 

I’ve been ever so slowly creating Strong By Sarah, adding things and taking away things as I narrow down my offering and audience. I think we’re finally there with my brand, vision, mission, and offerings. I’m excited to watch Strong By Sarah explode in 2020. I love coaching. I love programming. I really really love helping women meet and exceed goals. 2020 is going to be a YEAR for Strong By Sarah. I put it in writing, so it has to be. 

Start a podcast. 

At 11pm on December 26th, I ordered a microphone from Amazon. I ordered said microphone because I had a sudden and brilliant idea for a podcast and I know enough about myself to know when a gut instinct wants me to act. Do I know a thing about podcasting? Absolutely not. I can point you to my podcast app and listen all day long, but that’s about it. We’ll figure it out. Again, it’s in writing. So it has to happen. 

Cultivate connections. 

I made it a point after my mom passed to be a better friend. My friends were just so good to me during those first days and weeks and I really realized how fortunate I am to be surrounded by these people. I did okay, but I think I can do better. I’m carrying this goal into 2020 – and every year after – to really cultivate my friendships and connections, be the best friend I can be, and support them the way they’ve supported me. 

Take a risk. 

I’m a big believer in those aforementioned gut instincts. Those “pings.” I had a “ping” several months ago that I’m following into 2020, a ping that is so far out of my comfort zone it’s barely on the same continent, let alone in the same zip code. Those “pings,” they don’t always make sense, but when they won’t leave you alone, you know you need to follow through. Perhaps my most vague goal of 2020, but go with me here.  

2020 Goals + Word of the Year | Sarah Wyland

Word of the Year – 2020 

As for my Word of the Year for 2020, it is straightforward: 


Yes to opportunities, to challenges, to risks. Yes to relationships, to trying new things, to stepping out of my comfort zone and into the version of myself I want to be. Yes to no, to hard conversations, to ending relationships and situations that aren’t serving me. Yes to my talents, to my dreams, to my intuition. 

2020 is my Year of Yes. 

You may recall my post about reading Shonda Rhimes’ Year of Yes. It had a profound effect on me and I started to live by the words in her book. There was a definite shift in me as 2019 came to a close. 2020 is dedicated to wholeheartedly saying “yes” and seeing where the road takes me. 

Nothing changes if you stand still. And I’ve stood still way too long. 

Happy 2020, y’all. 

Here’s to Yes. 

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