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20 Journal Prompts to Get Your Pen Moving

Journaling is a core part of my self-care practice. I journal most days. I’m not strict about the “when” of it. I let my mood and intuition guide me as to when I need to crack open my pages. Sometimes it’s first thing in the morning. Once in a while, it’s in the middle of the day. Lately, it’s been late at night, right before bedtime. 

When I journal, I get all the things out. Whatever is causing me stress, costing me sleep, hanging over me like a dark cloud – it all goes in my journal. I pose questions to God, I work through hard things. There are tear-stained pages, pages of triumph. I save all my journals and reading back through them is always an eye-opening experience, a reminder of how far I’ve come, how life has changed over the years. 

Sometimes, I need a little guidance around what to write. I sit down and open my journal and I just don’t know where to start. In those moments, I turn to journal prompts to get my pen moving. Sometimes, I stick with the prompts. Other times, a prompt or two will get my words flowing and whatever was held back unlocks to pour out onto paper. 

If you need a little inspiration when it comes to journaling, I’m sharing some of my favorite journal prompts below. Pick one. Pick a few. Pick all of them. Whatever feels right. 

20 Journal Prompts to get your pen moving: 

  1. What am I grateful for? 
  2. How do I feel right now? 
  3. What am I proud of today? 
  4. What could I have done better today? 
  5. Am I happy with how my day went? 
  6. Who do I want to be? 
  7. What is the next right thing to reach my goal? 
  8. What brings me genuine joy? 
  9. Where am I struggling? 
  10. What makes me feel alive? 
  11. Have I been showing myself love? 
  12. How can I take better care of myself?
  13. What am I afraid of? 
  14. How can I celebrate myself today? 
  15. What am I worried about? 
  16. Are my worries realistic? 
  17. What is keeping me up at night? 
  18. What does it mean to thrive? 
  19. What were my highs and lows today? 
  20. Where do I feel the most like me? 

There you have it – 20 of my favorite journal prompts. 20 journal prompts to unlock your pen and begin to sort things out on paper. 

My favorite? 

What am I grateful for? 

That one opens my eyes every time to what’s right in front of me. ❤️

Do you journal? What’s your favorite journal prompt?  

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